Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Baby Portrait Collections & Collages

Puzzled over how to use photography in your home in a way that looks great and works with your existing decor? We've been working to make it easier for you to envision the possibilities including offering examples by photographing our clients homes.

Just love this one at William and Margaret's home. Both kids did a Growing Baby Portrait Package which included three sessions for each of them in the first 12 months. The final product - two Jazz Collages (9-images). Placing them in the stairwell is such a great way to add style and memories to a place that would normally be passed by.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Sale ends tonight!

Cyber-Monday excitement continues! Our Thanksgiving sale ends tonight at midnight so be sure to take advantage.

All gift certificates are 10-25% off!

Perfect for the holidays! Go in with your friends on a one-of-a-kind gift for an expecting mother. Had a portrait done with us last year and itching for a new session? Mention it to your in-laws for a wonderful holiday gift that you know you'll love. Take the guesswork out of a Valentine's gift for your hubby - buy a gift certificate for a portrait session and the enjoy the gift for years to come. The options are endless.

Buy sale gift certificates now.

Sale ends at 11:59pm tonight!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Sale starts today

Save on all Gift Certificates, Baby Registry, Gift Registry and Wedding Registry purchases

Save 10% on all gift certificates/registry purchases valued $50 to $300
Save 25% on all gift certificates/registry purchases valued $500
Save 25% on all ABC Storytelling Portrait Package gift certificates

Buy yours here.

Sale ends Monday, November 30th.

Picture of the Day

I met Naomi early this year when Nick and I decided to take a trip to New Orleans to volunteer our time to help rebuild in the aftermath of Katrina. The trip was so educational and moving that upon my return, I created a movie with the images from my time there and my thoughts about our experiences. You can watch it here. I also wrote one article and had one written about me in the Atlanta Jewish Times and Professional Photographer Magazine.

So, Naomi is one of the amazing people that worked for JFSJ, the organization that sponsored the trip. Her enthusiasm about the program and her genuine desire to connect with all the volunteers was palpable and infectious. She and Alana guided the Atlanta office to great things. So, when it came time to thank her for her efforts, we couldn't think of a more fitting thank you than a portrait session of her family.

Photographing Naomi and Michael and their two girls, Jolene and Talia, was really fun. After a morning of rain, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful fall sunset. Riding bikes, pretending their backyard was Cinderella's Ball, and singing silly songs meant the pictures from their session truly captured a day-in-the-life of this family.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Picture of the Day

Today you get 3, count 'em THREE, Pictures of the Day. I just couldn't resist. :) How adorable is Simran in her bassinet? Yes, this was taken in her home and no, I didn't bring this prop with me. This is what makes storytelling portraits so special. This is Simran's bassinet that she used to sleep in when she needed to sleep close to mom. What a wonderful way to remember how small she is now.

Deadline for Holiday Orders

Today is the regular deadline for all holiday orders and all 2009 client image galleries.

We will however be able to take orders after today at a 50% rush fee. Please see below for more information.

  • Friday, November 6 - Regular Deadline for all holiday orders (50% rush fee on orders placed after today)
  • Friday, November 6 - Expiration date for all reactivated 2009 client image galleries
  • Friday, November 6 - Final Deadline for all albums
  • Friday, November 13 - Late Deadline for all holiday card orders
  • Friday, November 20 - Late Deadline for all enlargements, fine art canvas, framed pieces, folios and jewelry
If you have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comments below or email us at info (at) saraphotography (dot) com.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds (episode 10)

One of my clients recently asked about something she saw in another client's photos. Harper has some colorful dots on the walls in her room. They match perfectly with the rest of the brightly colored decor in her room.

Besides looking great, they are removable stickers! Yes! That means that as your child grows, you can change the walls without damaging them. Love that.

When Simran's mom asked where Harper's mom got them, I contacted her to find out. And when I went to the website I was blown away. There are so many great things there for a nursery so I thought I'd share it with you too!

Modern Nursery is

Check out what else I found on the website.

They have a great selection of wall stickers, like this tree.

Look at this inventive hi-chair. Not only does it come in great colors, have a 5-point harness system, pneumatic-assist, easy-lift height adjustment allowing infinite positions, but it also won the Best Baby and Infant Product 2009 in the Netherlands.

And they have some eco-friendly stuff too which is awesome. When you're trying to prepare a beautiful, soothing and safe nursery, it just makes sense to get eco-friendly furniture and toys to keep the room free of strange chemicals and earth-depleting materials.

This is a 100% formaldehyde-free, FSC Certified real wood book caddy.

If you know of a product, website, blog or anything else that other parents should see, please let us know. Email us at info (at) saraphotography (dot) com.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Portrait Party - Halloween

On Saturday, I photographed a Halloween party for a house-full of one-year old's. I was so excited about photographing this party because really, there's little that is cuter than a baby in a hooded costume. And, I was definitely not disappointed. All the parents I met were really great and Courtney's parents were wonderful to host such a fun party.

And bonus! - Courtney walked for the first time at the end of the party! It was a really exciting moment. Everyone started clapping and she looked around like she had no idea what the big deal was. So cute. It got me thinking that if I could time my clients' portraits sessions for the exact moment that their child takes his/her first steps that'd be perfect. So, let's get on that. :)

Here is my favorite Picture of the Day of pouty Superman. How precious is he?

If you'd like information about hosting your own Portrait Party, please contact us at info (at) saraphotography (dot) com. We offer no-obligation packages to all families in attendance, a gift for the host family, and a Parent's Night Out Viewing Party. Portrait Parties are perfect for birthday parties, holiday parties and playgroups.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Recap

How was your Halloween weekend? Mine was really busy. And as a result I have a ton to post here over the next few days. The highlight was arriving home on Saturday after shooting to find that Nick had gone shopping and put together a Halloween-themed dinner just for us. We decided to take it easy this year and just hang out at the house and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. So this dinner and drinks was awesome and so perfect. Did I mention that he made two mixed cocktails? Pictured are "Monster Eyeballs Martini" and for dinner, "Bat Wings".

We crafted some floating ghosts in the front yard and bats in the windows. Scary!

Check back for "Picture of the Day."

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Coffeetable Album

Our new coffeetable album arrived and it - is - beautiful! We've upgraded the actual album to one that has hard-backed pages, full images across the entire page and a choice of covers. This one is a fine art canvas cover. This album is more durable than its predecessor and a much more substantial look and feel. You are guaranteed to be wowed.

The design is one we've been working on for quite a while (and is the first of three designs that will be available). It's called Color-block and has infinite possibilities of color combinations. The blue-green is perfect for this one year old boy. Think two-tone pinks for little girls, taupe and white for an elegant gender-neutral album, or knock-out purple and yellow for a bright fun look.

This 10x10 album can be purchased a-la-carte with any portrait session, vacation portrait session, or choose the Growing Baby Album package to include the photographs from your child's first 12 months into one custom-designed baby book.

One of my favorite things about the Growing Baby Album package is the accompanying blank journal for mom and dad. Use the journal all year long to write messages to your child, make a note of poetry and keep a journal of his/her accomplishments throughout the year. Then, we'll take excerpts from it and include them in the album. Such a personal way to enjoy your baby's first year and something that your child will grow to love years from now. Love it!

For more information, contact the studio.

Sara Speert Photography | Baby Albums, Children's Albums, CoffeeTable Albums, Family Albums, Vacation Albums

Harper - 1 year old

It's hard to believe that Harper is one year old. Since her first portrait session, it's been so fun to get to know her. If her pictures are anything, they are really colorful. Love the striped rug in her room, her striped legs and her striped jacket. The combination of colors make the pictures so lively and fun.

Although I have terrible allergies to dogs and cats, my love for them is stronger, and I can't help but photograph the four-legged family members as well. Love the images of Harper's dog sitting patiently outside on the deck while we finish up her session.

Enjoy the slideshow!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Patrick's trip to the Fire Station

Let me preface this post by saying a big "Thank You!" to Cobb County Fire Station #3 on Terrell Mill Road. The firemen were so gracious to give us a tour of the trucks and the station, and most of all, put Patrick in the driver's seat for this very exciting portrait session. I don't think there is anything more exciting for a 3 year old boy than seeing a firetruck up close and being able to "drive" the truck and turn on the flashing lights.

I love this idea for a portrait session! Patrick loves trucks of all kinds so this seemed like a perfect choice for this 4th portrait session. Now that he's all grown up and completed the Growing Baby Package, we started the new Annual Portrait Session Package with this fun adventure. Although Patrick was a bit shy at first, he eventually got down from his dad's arms to explore the firehouse. The hoses, the tools, the huge steering wheel, the helmets, everything was so neat! And can't you see the excitement in Patrick's eyes? We started and finished at his house with biking, snacks and playing with some favorite toys. We really managed to get a lot into one 2-hour session.

Enjoy the slideshow below by clicking the picture to view.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Final Reminder for Portrait Day & Bonus STuFF

I know what you're thinking... You have so much going on that even though registering for Portrait Day is on your " to-do list," you just haven't had the time to register. Well, the good news is that we still have some spots open. The bad news is that registration is only open until 11:59pm Wednesday night (tomorrow, October 7th). So, hop to it! Click here to learn more about Portrait Day and register before the buzzer goes off and the gong is, well, gonged.

And since I can't post here without something for your visual pleasure, I thought I'd spread the word about a hilarious comedian who's getting his own show on Comedy Central. I first saw Jeff Dunham in college and then took Nick to see him a year ago here in Atlanta. He is the most original and talented comedian I've ever seen. That's a pretty big complement considering Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, et al., but he does something completely different. (Warning: the material in this video may not be suitable to young ears.)


Friday, October 02, 2009

Carter's 3rd Portrait - Age 2

Carter is such a sweetie. This was his third portrait session and I can't believe how much he's grown. I know I say that all the time, but really, when I start photographing little ones when they' little, it's amazing and emotional to watch them turn into little boys. Carter just celebrated his 2nd birthday, and he loves to read and climb and slide and throw and look at bugs. So needless to say, this session was jam-packed with activity. We even made it down to the neighborhood park like last time. And if you remember from the first session, Hiro, Carter's doggie, got some photo love, and this time, he got some love again. Who can say no to those precious eyes? Not me.

Carter's family was especially wonderful this session because I am working on a top-secret project in which they are playing a huge role. (Hey, that was great grammar!) I hope to announce the project in the next month or so. So, thank you Amy, Jonathan and Carter!

View the slideshow by clicking the image.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stop and smell the... reptile

What a crazy time of year! For those of you who celebrate Rosh Hashanah and honor Yom Kippur, I hope your holidays were wonderful, meaningful and filled with family. It always feels like the High Holidays have come out of nowhere because I am so busy doing, working and living; the summer ends and all I can focus on are all the things I have planned for the fall and then, all of a sudden, the holidays are here. It's a good thing though. As much as I like to stay focused on the finish line, it's so necessary to take a break, a full break without the phone, tv, email, or Facebook, and really take some time to meditate on the past year. It's a time to realize the mistakes we've made, the accomplishments we've had, correct our wrongs and make a promise to have more accomplishments and fewer mistakes next year. Isn't that a great way for everyone to celebrate the new year?

On Saturday, I was about to start cooking eggs for brunch when I looked out the window and saw a little turtle walking up our driveway. Now, we have a lot of wildlife in our neighborhood including a stray cat and her kitten who decided to take up residence outside our house for a few weeks. The list also includes, owls, opossum, geese, ducks, squirrels, chipmunks... But a turtle?! That was new. There is a stream right across from our house and with all the rain, the stream overflowed and the streets were covered in water. Thank goodness we are on a hill and
didn't experience any damage from all the flooding, but this little guy must have been looking for something, maybe food, maybe a dry place to rest, but he had no idea he was walking onto the driveway of a photographer with a love for turtles. As soon as I saw him, I ran out to see him. I didn't touch him or try to pick him up because I feel that he's a wild animal (I mean, reptile) and just because I'm higher on the food chain doesn't mean that I should do whatever I want with him. Nick suggested we make him our pet, but I don't think that putting him into a 10-gallon fish tank or even creating an outdoor home for him is really a nice way to live. Don't get me wrong, I've had pets, including turtles, and pets are wonderful but for some reason, I felt that since he's lived his whole life in the wild, I have no right to take him out of that just for my own satisfaction. But what I did do is grab my camera, and Nick grabbed our new Flip HD video camera and captured the little guy.

I think the timing of his arrival was great. The New Year is a time of reflection, meditation and renewal and what better way to symbolize that than by observing something new in nature in your environment. It's amazing what we can see if we just stop every once in a while and look around, and respect nature and all it has to offer us.

Greeting Card samples - arrived!

Can you say excited?! I have been working on these 12 new designs for our greeting card catalog and the samples arrived! I love the variety of designs that really can fit any event. Birth announcement, Christmas card, New Year's card, or, something that's become popular with my clients, an everyday notecard that can be used throughout the year.

We've added some paper selections as well. We've had watercolor, linen and glossy papers from some time. And now we have pearl (an iridescent paper), semi-gloss and a recycled paper. Since we as a studio are all about conserving and recycling, I'm especially excited about offering the recycled paper option.

All holiday card orders must be placed by November 1.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds (episode 9)

I am a huge fan of This American Life , the radio show on NPR that explores American life, stories, events both personal and public in a way that is refreshing, captivating and educational. It airs here in Atlanta on Sunday evenings, but I subscribe to the podcasts so I can listen whenever I have time. Usually that means, while I paint our living room, do the huge pile of dishes that have accumulated over what seems like weeks (read 48 hours), or my newest favorite non-photography hobby - cook in our new kitchen.

Anyway, I saw this and had to share. It's an animation of one of the vignettes on an episode. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, I urge you to listen to the next show. You can download old episodes on iTunes, listen to the latest episode here and become addicted, like me! Love it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

If you've been following me on Facebook, you already know that I've been making Challah (egg bread) from scratch throughout the last few months. It is such a gratifying experience to know that I'm capable of making bread, and the fact they it is so much more delicious than the store bought stuff makes me (& Nick) especially happy. These are my first round loaves made especially for Rosh Hashanah. One plain, one with raisins - yummy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Picture of the Day

The rabbi at the Orthodox congregation, Beth Israel, in New Orleans, asked if I could send some of the pictures I took while touring their Katrina-flooded building. While editing thru some pictures from our February trip, I came upon this image. It isn't one that previously stood out to me, but it just goes to show how the meaning and impact of a photograph can change. It really appeals to me now. The room was only lit slightly by an overcast day seeping in through nearby fogged windows. The room felt like a cemetery of ruined items and furniture. This pew stood alone. Imagine all the people who must have sat in this pew throughout the years, praying for ill family members, rejoicing at marriages and bar mitzvahs, celebrating Rosh Hashanah's year after year.

Anyway, thought it was appropriate as Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins Friday evening. L'Shanah Tovah! May the year bring you good health, happiness and many pauses to enjoy the little things that make our lives rich.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

2009 Holiday Cards

We know many of you have been waiting for this so thanks for being patient! Our 2009 catalog of holiday cards and birth announcements is here!

Many of the designs are customizable - colors, text, font, size of images on the cards, etc. Also, birth announcement designs can be customized for the holidays, and vice-versa, so don't be afraid to ask if we can adjust a design for you.

Click here to see the complete catalog.

Thanks to our amazing clients for their allowing us to use their pictures in this year's catalog!

Sara Speert Photography | Atlanta Photographer | Holiday Portraits | Holiday Cards

William & Margaret

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing William and Margaret again. As with William's third session, we headed outside for Margaret's third session as well. This time, we went to Emory University. Mom used to work there which I know created a interesting circle-of-life kind of thing for her to have a portrait session of her children in the same place she used to work 5 days a week. They often take walks thru the campus as a family because it's just so darn beautiful and I think the lack of traffic is also a nice perk. So, the kids seem to know the place well and felt really comfortable there - probably one of the top 3 important elements of a great portrait session.

While most of the students were still sleeping on Saturday morning, we wandered around enjoying the break in rain.
But before we left the house, I snagged this moment thru the front door of William and his dad having a quiet moment on the front porch.

Enjoy the slideshow by clicking the image.

Wedding Art

It's hard to believe that Nick and I have been married for 11 months. This year has flown by and it's almost time for our anniversary. Nick and I made promises, more like a bet, to each other and my end of the deal was to finish designing our wedding album by our first anniversary. Well, I'm not even close to being finished. I am finally seeing what my clients have always said about how difficult it is to choose their favorite pictures. While it's always a challenge to design a wedding or portrait album, I can honestly say now that it is easier for me to eliminate, sequence and group pictures than it is for a bride, groom or parent.

But now I'm designing my own wedding album and it is SO HARD! I've probably spent about 3 hours on it already and only designed 8 page spreads - and that includes the invitation on the first page. Anyway, while I keep my head down and try to plow thru, I decided that we needed some eye-candy, something to remind us everyday of our beautiful and memorable wedding. And we shouldn't have to wait until the album is complete to enjoy all the amazing pictures. (A bit of a copout, maybe. So what!)

So, I had a 24x36 canvas made of one of our favorite photos. It was shot during our first dance, a swing number to "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Frank Sinatra. Love the song and performing our well-rehearsed dance, with lifts and a gajillion spins, was one of the highlights of the entire day. What I love about this image is many things. First, the expressions on everyone's faces - priceless. The lighting is superb, lighting up my dress and illuminating everyone's faces. Third, the composition of Nick and me in the frame. Fourth, that I can just barely make out Ben and Chris lighting and shooting this moment. (Thanks, Chris, Katie and Ben!) And most importantly, fifth, the memories is brings back. We love placing it above our bed. Since it's in a private space of the house, we get to enjoy it all to ourselves (well, except for this post, of course!) and it makes it really special.

Love everyone's expressions, and my twirling dress!

Check out the amazing texture of the canvas. Love it.
And, yes, I wore sneakers all day. I'm an all-comfort kinda girl.

Friday, September 04, 2009

New Card Design - Birth Announcements

I've had a really great time designing some new holiday cards. If you are interested in the holiday card package on Portrait Day, email me and I can send you the catalog as soon as it's complete.

While I was working on holiday cards, I took the opportunity to add some birth announcement cards to my collection. I absolutely love this new design. It's a tri-fold 5x5 card that is available in 5 different papers - linen, watercolor, semi-gloss, gloss, and matte recycled paper.


As you open the card, this picture on the left is revealed. The right side is still folded.


And the back.

Contact the studio if you'd like information about scheduling a newborn portrait session, Growing Baby Portrait Packages or birth announcements.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Registration is now open - Portrait Day 2009

The day has finally come after months of planning and a year since the last event. Portrait Day 2009 registration is now open!


Join us at the park... dance among the trees, twirl in the grass, bring a picnic and enjoy a beautiful day while Sara Speert Photography photographs stunning images of your family.

This year's Portrait Day will be held on October 24th, 2009 from 9am to 6:30pm. Mini-sessions will be held all day and offer a wonderful opportunity for holiday or annual family portraits at a great discount.

Our goal is to capture the natural and real emotions of your family, and create custom art for your home with images that will make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes.

Click here or on the image below to learn about all the details and register. This event will sell out so register now. Registration deadline is October 7th.

Thanks to our amazing clients & friends - Pete, Jenny, & Jack, and Dan, Rachel & Joshua for their beautiful pictures featured on this year's Portrait Day flier.

Monday, August 31, 2009

12 hours to go.....

Only 12 hours until Portrait Day 2009 registration is open! This year's event is sure to fill up quickly so if you're interested in scheduling a session, be sure to check back here tomorrow morning for all the details.

BUT if you are a Facebook fan, you can register NOW. Facebook fans get the VIP treatment, so if you're not a fan yet, click the logo, become a fan and register early.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Planning for the Fall

I know it's hard to believe that fall is right around the corner. Although, the last couple days of mild temps have been so amazing. Who would have thought that Atlanta could experience low 80's in August?! Love it.

I've been busy planning the fall and have some important dates that I thought I'd post here.


  • Tuesday, September 1st - Registration opens for Portrait Day 2009 (announcement will be posted here.)
  • Monday, September 7th - Labor Day - Studio Closed
  • Friday, September 18th @2pm thru Sunday, September 20th - Rosh Hashanah - Studio Closed
  • Monday, September 28th - Yom Kippur - Studio Closed

  • Wednesday, October 7th - Deadline for Portrait Day 2009 Registration
  • Monday, October 12th - Studio Closed (My 1st Anniversary!) - Studio Closed
  • Saturday, October 24th - Portrait Day 2009

  • Friday, November 6th - Deadline for all Holiday Orders
  • Wednesday, November 25 - 29th, Thanksgiving - Studio Closed
  • Thurday, December 23rd thru Sunday, January 3rd - Christmas/New Year's/My birthday - Studio Closed
I'll be sure to post any changes or additions here.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

1st Day of School jitters or joy?

For any moms or dads out there who are about to embark on their first, first day of school for their child, the day can be filled with stress, anxiety, nerves and excitement, and that's just for the parents! Most importantly, it's a day you'll want to remember forever.

We are offering a new package just in time for the first day of Kindergarten or 1st grade. The "1st Day of School" is a documentary session that starts at home, as your child wakes in his cozy bed and includes those all-important first-day-of-school clothes, breakfast, getting the backpack ready, handing him lunch and out the door. Coverage continues in the car, up to the school doors and
hugs & kisses. The package concludes with all your favorite photos in a custom-designed 5x5 Carry-About Album that you and your child are sure to cherish forever.

Because many schools begin on the same day, availability is VERY limited. So if you are interested, contact the studio immediately. 404-nine-six-six-7-two-7-two.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Picture of the Day

the ultimate summer portrait! - pure joy running through a sprinkler in the yard

Monday, July 20, 2009

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds (episode 8)

This weekend is the Children's Boutique Warehouse Sale at The Works. All the adorable clothes, toys, room decor and shoes you can find at the local boutiques, like Sugar Plum Kids, Limetree, and Wiggle are on sale up to 70% off at this huge warehouse sale.

Children's Boutique Warehouse Sale at The Works
- Click the link or the image for more info and directions.

Invite your friends for a fun mom's day of the sale and lunch at Star Provisions, Figo Pasta or Taqueria del Sol down the street!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Picture of the Day


Click the image to view the slideshow.

These are Josie's footprints. After playing in the baby pool in her backyard, she stopped here for a moment before moving inside to eat lunch. I love how she left her little mark. :) Josie is an adorable 14 months old with a beautiful, light-up-the-room smile. It was so fun documenting a day in the life for her and her parents.

I don't often get to photograph pet cats because A) if my clients have pets, they are usually dogs, and B) they normally don't want to have anything to do with me or pictures. But Josie's wonderful cat seems to love Josie just as much as she loves her parents. The cat (sorry, I've forgotten her name!) was a rescue and really the first baby in the family, so it is appropriate that she gets some picture-love too. I just the adore the series of her with mom and Josie reading a book.
Enjoy the slideshow!

Sara Speert - Decatur children's photographer, family pet photographer

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me, a judge?

On Tuesday, I had the honor of being asked again to judge the ImageMaker's Competition, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America annual photo competition. Students compete in local competitions to reach the national competition where I and two other professionals judged the entries. It is such a great complement to be asked to judge. And it was wonderful to see how young children and teenagers use creativity to see their everyday world. Many students wrote about how photography has allowed them to see the world in a different way and opened their eyes to new things. I love that photography has that power and that they've had that experience!

John Sharp (professor at SCAD Atlanta) and Connie Jackson (professional photographer) looking through the portfolio entries.

One of the beautiful images entered by a student.

Another beautiful entry - a dandelion.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ethan & Eli

I met Jen and Adam two years ago when they asked me to photograph their wedding vow renewal ceremony and dinner. They are beautiful people - inside and out - genuine and truly nice people, so when Jen contacted me recently to schedule a portrait session for their family, I jumped at the chance to see them again and meet Eli, the newest member of the family.

On a side note, Jen has an amazing blog that I love reading. I subscribe to many blogs to keep up on my friends and other big-name photographers, but Jen's blog is different. For one, take a look at the description she's given to it:

Stories of the frazzled and funny days I spend living life with two boys. Read on about how I manage motherhood, marriage, faith, friendships and all the little twists and turns along the way that keep it interesting.
Plus, I love the name of it - Tales of a Southern Yankee. For all you mom's, I think you'll be able to relate to everything she writes about. So, if you do visit her newly designed blog, be sure to leave a comment. We blog people love comments!

Last week I posted a POTD (Picture of the Day) from their session. And today's the day for the slideshow. So without further ado, to-do or ago....

(click the image to watch the slideshow)

This beautiful scene is right in their backyard! How amazing!

Sara Speert - Kennesaw portraits, family portraits, Gwinett County portraits

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Picture of the Day

Happy Belated 4th of July! Hope you had a wonderful weekend with family & friends. Nick and I had a great day on Saturday. We headed up to the north Georgia mountains to a blueberry farm and picked delicious blueberries. I had to sample them while we picked to be sure they were "ok." It was a great way to take a mini-vacation and do something different. And we've been enjoying them since. Blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes....

These pictures are from my iPhone. Not bad, right?

Then we headed back home. Parked the car and walked to Avondale Estates fireworks. Although we've been living in our house for 2.5 years, we never seem to be in town for the 4th so this was our first time going to see the fireworks there. Avondale Lake is just a mile away and it was so nice to be able to walk there, not deal with the car and parking, set up our chairs and join the huge crowd. And we had no idea the fireworks would be so good! The "show" lasted at least 15 minutes. And it was fantastic. The moon was just to the right of where the fireworks went off so it was a really beautiful sight. I took a few pictures with my iPhone and they looked amazing on the phone but when I downloaded them.... hmmm, not so great in real life. So you'll just have to use your imagination.

So here's the next Picture of the Day! Enjoy!


Grace and her parents are one of the lucky families to win a free portrait session from Gymboree at Toco Hill. So last Wednesday, we met at a Decatur park for some exploring. Grace is precious and so expressive. She had a great time exploring, collecting rocks and running around. Ok, I admit it; I was chasing her. :) I love the vivid colors of the authentic Chinese dresses she wore. And the image of her peering through the bay window is one that will be very special to dad. Everyday when dad leaves for work, Grace runs to the window to wave goodby as he drives away. How cute is she?!

Click the image below to watch the slideshow.

Sara Speert - children's photography, toddler photography, portraits at the park

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cole's 2nd Portrait

Last week, I visited Cole and his mommies for a second time. The first session was a blast and it's hard to believe how much he has grown since then. He looks so much more like a little boy now than a baby. He is learning to walk on his own and is definitely proud of this new found ability.

I absolutely love the picture below of Cole. He stopped for split second to rest while playing on the couch. It is such a peaceful moment and I love that I was able to capture his tranquil expression. And those eyes! So beautiful!

Sara Speert Photography - Decatur children's portraits

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picture of the day - sort of

After so many great responses to yesterday's Picture of the Day, I'm inspired. I have high hopes of being able to post a favorite image every day. (Those hopes may be a bit ambitious, but it's worth a try, right?)

So here's today's. Although it's not an image of a client, per se, I think it still qualifies. It's a shot of a collage in Cole's bedroom. The collage is from his first portrait session in December. I love the soft colors of the images (an effect I call "old film"), the rustic black edges and how amazing it looks on this walls of this colorful and playful room.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Favorite shot of the day

On Saturday, I had another great opportunity to second shoot with Matt Yung in Athens, GA. I truly love second shooting weddings with Matt. It was a lot of fun to be able to take some more creative shots and move around a lot more. As the lead photographer, I generally am concerned with getting a lot of "necessary" shots, in addition to candid moments, to be sure that I cover everything. But as the second photographer, I can be a bit more relaxed and look for the unique angles and candid moments that can often be missed. It refreshed my creative eye!

This is my favorite of the day.

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