Friday, February 29, 2008

My Rock Star Fiance

Nick going to be on the radio this afternoon! Yeah, really!

He's doing an in-studio performance and interview on WUGA. Check him out with his band on Listen live at 4pm to the "It's Friday!" show.

Visit his websites for more music, downloads, and merchandise (....and GREAT photos of live shows and press images.)

Playing with Light

Throughout the last week, I've been experimenting with ways that light can completely change the mood of an image. Ben Vigil and I had a great time playing with silhouettes. Check out these cool shots I took of him.

Rockin' the halo...

Ben's new baby - the new Nikon D3. I can't believe he's such a traitor!
I thought us Canon people stuck together! :)

Matt Yung and I are shooting Mandi and Mark's wedding this weekend. We had a little "scout-out" meeting at the venue and decided to play a bit with the glass elevators.

Love the melting atrium...

Excited to do some more playing - I'm such a kid sometimes.