Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1 day left for the Valentine's Special

Only one day left for the Valentine's Special. It's a super deal and an original gift that your spouse is sure to love. Cute, personalized, unique and *so* your child!

So, if we did a portrait for you in 2009 or in the last month, click here for more information and to purchase it online. (Sorry, time's run out for new sessions with this package.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds (Episode 12)

Atlanta Boutique Clothing Warehouse Sale
So, I just got word of another fantastic sale but this one's for the ladies (ok, maybe a few men's items too.) The Best Boutique Sale Ever Warehouse Sale is on Friday and Saturday, January 29th and 30th (that's THIS weekend!) in Decatur. Save up to 90% (wow, that's some good savings!) on items from some great local boutiques, including one of my favorite stores, Boogaloos. (You gotta see their adorable website.)

You can't say I never hooked you up. :)

Check out the details here.

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds (Episode 11)

It's time again for The Children's Boutique Clothing Sale.
Save up to 70% off clothing, decor, toys and shoes from some great Atlanta boutiques
including Wiggle and Sugar Plum Kids.

The sale is at Atlantic Station above Z Gallerie (one of my favorite stores!) on Saturday, February 20th, 9am - 6pm. And just like the last time I announced this great sale, I highly suggest making it a mom's day out with your friends. Leave the kids with dad, go out for some great deals on boutique clothing, grab a bite to eat, and maybe even a glass of wine or some Coldstone ice cream. Whatever you're reason, or even if you have to make up one, it's time for some girl-time!

Click here for all the details.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picture of the Day

I mentioned on Facebook (are you a fan?) a few days ago that I was really excited about photographing a portrait session for an old client. It's really quite flattering. I photographed Mae 5 years ago when my business was really in its infancy. Mae was so adorable and her mom came up with a great idea for the session. She put Mae in a tutu and a precious star and ooodles of beautiful portraits were born. 5 years ago I didn't have a blog, so here are a few from the session. If you've been to the studio, you'll recognize this one immediately because it's hanging on one of our walls.

More cuteness:

Sadly, Mae and her parents moved up north a few years ago and I haven't heard from them for a while. So, when I got a call from Mae's mom a few weeks ago, I was so excited. Of course I remember them. How could I forget. This portrait session was one of my favorites.

So, Mae now has a little sister who is about the same age as Mae was when I photographed her years ago. The family planned a trip to Atlanta and wanted to schedule a session while they were in town. What a fabulous idea! Seriously, so flattered that they remembered me. Mae's mom told me that she's had portraits done of the girls since they left Atlanta, but that the photos I took remain her favorite.

Take a look at 7 year old Mae. She is so beautiful and I just LOVE her hair. Gorgeous thick auburn hair is my favorite.

Mae and her mom 5 years ago and today.

And here is Evie. It's quite amazing how much she looks like her sister. Ok, amazing maybe isn't the right word, because they are sisters afterall. But I just love it. Beautiful curls and the same vibrant personality.

And although we tried to get both girls into their tutu's, we weren't so successful. But I'm so glad I was able to capture this one of Evie. Can't you just hear her laughing?

Lovely girls. Can't wait to see you again soon! Let's try to make it sooner than 5 years though, ok?

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living....

I have been remiss. I promised days and days of blogging, and I did make it 5 days in a row (my best record yet), but as soon as I headed out of town for Imaging USA (an annual national convention for photographers), I lost some steam. I refer only to blog steam, because I've been really busy getting all my ducks in a row for 2010. It's amazing as my business grows and matures how much more work I create for myself. :) I was inspired at Imaging USA, as I always am at photography conventions, to streamline what I'm doing, to create even more value for my clients and to rethink and reinforce the concept .... that I need some help. I can't do it all anymore and I would love to work with some cool people. Ok, so I'm looking for a couple good people for some help.

First, is a graphic designer. Ideally, you are someone who has your own business or you are doing some freelance on the side of a full-time job, because what I got is a lot but not full-time. I'm looking for a self-starter, someone who is in love with graphic design, who lives, sleeps and breathes graphic design, someone who can think outside the box. I am a visual artist and all, so presentation is everything and the projects I have for this year require some creativity beyond letterhead and business card branding.

Second, is a sales and design consultant. I don't mean a car sales person because.... ew. That's just not my thing. You are someone with passion for interior design, someone who is not only friendly, but can really connect with people on a personal level. You have sales experience or, more importantly, have a business degree. You always take note of how businesses you frequent market and sell their services and goods, and you always seem to be taking mental notes or talking to others about what you see. You are not pushy but you are clear with your ideas and suggestions, and you have a subtle way of making them known. Again, this is not a full-time position but if things go well, it could grow into something much bigger.

If you know someone or you yourself fit the bill, please contact me at info (at) saraphotography (dot) com.

Oh, by the way, neither of these positions are 9 to 5. The graphic designer position is by project and the sales and design position is PRN or as needed.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging. Seriously, I'm going to post something right now. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Donations for Haiti

Watching and reading the news about the devastation in Haiti following yesterday's earthquake is so upsetting. Like everyone else, I feel that I need to do something to help.

So, we will donate a portion of all January sales, including the Valentine's special. The percentage we will donate will increase with more sales.

If you were thinking about booking a portrait session for your family, this is a wonderful way to help a community in need at the same time.

Create a registry for a friend or purchase a gift certificate and a
portion of your investment will go to aid relief.

Purchase a Valentine's Day session or use a previous session for a Valentine's gift for your sweetie.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Baby Album - 5x5 CarryAbout Album - Atlanta Children's Portraits

This cutey-patooty is just as fun as she looks. Check out her 5x5 CarryAbout Album filled with playing, reading, snuggling, her mom's beautiful wedding sari, and lots and lots of laughter. Click to see the album.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Valentine's Day Special - Atlanta portraits

I'm getting the best gift for my spouse for Valentine's Day!
I'm ready to buy it now.

You must book your session by January 28th,
select the image for your folio by February 3rd,
or purchase a Gift Certificate by February 11th.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas Family Portrait - Dunwoody, GA - Pictures of the Day

During the week of Christmas while many of us were cooking and doing last minute shopping, I photographed a portrait session in Dunwoody, GA for this beautiful family. All three grown siblings have kids of their own and the family continues to grow with little Chapin being born just 3 months ago. Since the entire family doesn't live in Georgia, being together for the holiday was a wonderful opportunity to schedule a family session.

Normally I like to include one favorite image from each session in my Picture of the Day. But I had a really hard time deciding so instead, here are two. Yay!

Getting all the girls together for a few photos was so much fun. Emily had a toy she just had to play with at that moment and I love everything that's going on on the couch behind her. Nuzzling noses, laughter and Emily's mom wishing that she'd rejoin everyone. There's something about the chaos of this moment that depicts so well what family holidays are all about.

The love of a grandmother for her grandchild is unmistakable and so lovely.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The best (and most unusal) complement

I got the best (and most unusual) complement this morning from one of my clients.

"Sara, you're like crack. We're addicted to you and your photography. Your photography is the best I've ever seen."

How awesome is that? I've never been told I'm addictive like a drug. But I like the idea. :)

Take a look at the CarryAbout Album created from Carter's Growing Baby Portrait Package. It's amazing how much he's changed since I started photographing him. Thanks Jonathan!

Monday, January 04, 2010

How do I cover the last 3 weeks in one post?

If you couldn't tell from my lack of blogging action, December was a bit crazy. And I'm sorry for ignoring you for too long. Hopefully you've been following me on Facebook and have become a fan on our fanpage so you haven't gone into withdrawal. I kid, I kid (as in the words of Jeff Dunham) I know you didn't go into withdrawal because you were just as busy, I'm sure!

Over the holiday weekend, I wrote a list of all the things I want to blog about and the list isn't even complete at 15 items. So, get ready for some mad blogging throughout the next few weeks.

I'd like to begin with something a bit somber. On December 14th, my Great Aunt Esther passed away. She was 92 years old and lived a long and rich life. She was my Grandfather's sister and they had so much in common. She loved her family and relished the time she had with them. She had such a thirst for education and knowledge that she attended adult education classes at the local college in her 70's and 80's. She always had wonderful words of advice to share with me and never missed an opportunity to tell me how much my grandparents would have been proud of my accomplishments. In some ways, losing her was like losing another part of my grandfather, so it was an especially difficult thing to handle.

The last time I saw her was on my last visit to Seattle in March 2009. It meant a lot to me to be able to visit with her and I will cherish this photo forever.

Me, my niece Elizabeth and Aunt Esther in March 2009


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