Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Final Reminder for Portrait Day & Bonus STuFF

I know what you're thinking... You have so much going on that even though registering for Portrait Day is on your " to-do list," you just haven't had the time to register. Well, the good news is that we still have some spots open. The bad news is that registration is only open until 11:59pm Wednesday night (tomorrow, October 7th). So, hop to it! Click here to learn more about Portrait Day and register before the buzzer goes off and the gong is, well, gonged.

And since I can't post here without something for your visual pleasure, I thought I'd spread the word about a hilarious comedian who's getting his own show on Comedy Central. I first saw Jeff Dunham in college and then took Nick to see him a year ago here in Atlanta. He is the most original and talented comedian I've ever seen. That's a pretty big complement considering Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, et al., but he does something completely different. (Warning: the material in this video may not be suitable to young ears.)


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