Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Addison

Sorry, I just couldn't resist this adorable tush as the first slide in Addison's slideshow! Addison's portrait session was the 3rd furthest distance I've traveled for a session (McDonough, GA) and wow, was the trip worth it! Addison and her parents are fantastic. Really nice people and she couldn't be more cute. She was getting over being sick and although she was napping when I arrived, after she woke up she quickly lost energy and almost fell asleep twice. Her mom says that it takes a while before she finally gives in and falls asleep even if she's exhausted. Which explains why I was able to photograph her dozing off to sleep in her crib and then wide awake and smiling. So funny! I'm sure many of you mommies can relate.

Click the picture to view the slideshow and enjoy!

Portrait Day 2008 - some details

After last year's successful first Annual Portrait Day, I have my sites set on a bigger event filled with local children's shops and companies that provide services to families and kids. In addition to a larger all-day event where you can mingle with other parents and the kids can meet and play together, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a worthy non-profit. I've placed a poll at the top of this blog because I'd love your input on which organization you think we should donate to.

If you have suggestions of business you think would like to be involved, please write it in the comments section below. This year's Portrait Day will be in September so check back to learn more about the fun event!