Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Portrait Party - Halloween

On Saturday, I photographed a Halloween party for a house-full of one-year old's. I was so excited about photographing this party because really, there's little that is cuter than a baby in a hooded costume. And, I was definitely not disappointed. All the parents I met were really great and Courtney's parents were wonderful to host such a fun party.

And bonus! - Courtney walked for the first time at the end of the party! It was a really exciting moment. Everyone started clapping and she looked around like she had no idea what the big deal was. So cute. It got me thinking that if I could time my clients' portraits sessions for the exact moment that their child takes his/her first steps that'd be perfect. So, let's get on that. :)

Here is my favorite Picture of the Day of pouty Superman. How precious is he?

If you'd like information about hosting your own Portrait Party, please contact us at info (at) saraphotography (dot) com. We offer no-obligation packages to all families in attendance, a gift for the host family, and a Parent's Night Out Viewing Party. Portrait Parties are perfect for birthday parties, holiday parties and playgroups.

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