Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adventure Portrait: Patrick (Marietta Children's Photographer)

As your little one grows up, it is so exciting to watch them enjoy their favorite activities. Whether your child is quiet and observant, or rambunctious and talkative, Adventure Portraits are a fun and non-stressful way to capture their personality. During our Planning Meeting, we'll discuss your child's interests and incorporate those interests into the session. Love animals? Let's go to the Atlanta Zoo like Cole. Love to play dress-up? Let's put a bunch of clothes and jewelry in a trunk, find a full-length mirror and play!

Last year Patrick was really into trucks, especially fire trucks. So an Adventure Portrait at the local fire station was a huge treat. He also loves sports and especially loves ice hockey so this year we headed to the ice skating rink. He challenged me to a race on the ice on the ride over to the rink and guess what? He beat me! Yay, Patrick!

It's hard to believe that Patrick is four years old. I've been photographing him since he was 5 or 6 months old, and now he's a big kid!

Click the image below to view a slideshow of Patrick's Adventure Portrait. (warning: there is music on the slideshow so turn down your sound if you're at work.)