Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wedding Art

It's hard to believe that Nick and I have been married for 11 months. This year has flown by and it's almost time for our anniversary. Nick and I made promises, more like a bet, to each other and my end of the deal was to finish designing our wedding album by our first anniversary. Well, I'm not even close to being finished. I am finally seeing what my clients have always said about how difficult it is to choose their favorite pictures. While it's always a challenge to design a wedding or portrait album, I can honestly say now that it is easier for me to eliminate, sequence and group pictures than it is for a bride, groom or parent.

But now I'm designing my own wedding album and it is SO HARD! I've probably spent about 3 hours on it already and only designed 8 page spreads - and that includes the invitation on the first page. Anyway, while I keep my head down and try to plow thru, I decided that we needed some eye-candy, something to remind us everyday of our beautiful and memorable wedding. And we shouldn't have to wait until the album is complete to enjoy all the amazing pictures. (A bit of a copout, maybe. So what!)

So, I had a 24x36 canvas made of one of our favorite photos. It was shot during our first dance, a swing number to "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Frank Sinatra. Love the song and performing our well-rehearsed dance, with lifts and a gajillion spins, was one of the highlights of the entire day. What I love about this image is many things. First, the expressions on everyone's faces - priceless. The lighting is superb, lighting up my dress and illuminating everyone's faces. Third, the composition of Nick and me in the frame. Fourth, that I can just barely make out Ben and Chris lighting and shooting this moment. (Thanks, Chris, Katie and Ben!) And most importantly, fifth, the memories is brings back. We love placing it above our bed. Since it's in a private space of the house, we get to enjoy it all to ourselves (well, except for this post, of course!) and it makes it really special.

Love everyone's expressions, and my twirling dress!

Check out the amazing texture of the canvas. Love it.
And, yes, I wore sneakers all day. I'm an all-comfort kinda girl.

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