Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reese's First Portrait

Reese and her parents are more of my fantastic Decatur neighbors. (I loved the short trip to their home on the other side of downtown Decatur!) Their house is beautiful and full of rich 1930/1940's character - great hardwood floors, wide profile molding and built-in shelves. (Can you tell I've learned a lot about construction and renovation from our house?)

When I arrived, Reese was napping in her crib. Her room was flooded with beautiful light coming through two windows and I couldn't wait to get started. After waking and giving me a smile, she played a bit on the bed and then it was time for lunch. She seemed to love the delicious food on the back porch with mom and dad. Then bathtime in the kitchen sink. The antique/retro look of the kitchen is a really cool complement to Reese's fresh soft skin. I just love the feel and mood of these images. Then to the backyard until the mosquitoes took their toll. Back to the inside for the final few pictures.

I am so excited to document this little cutie's first year. Just look at those eyes!

Click the picture below to view the slideshow.

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