Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Client Rooms: Building a Collection

Another beautiful example of how to display your favorite portraits in your home. This Fine Art Metal Cluster will grow with little Nora. The first piece in the Cluster is this adorable picture of Nora all curled up at 14 days old. As she grows, we'll add two 11x14's below it to complete the collection.

Because the Clusters are individual pieces, we can rearrange, add to or even separate the pieces onto different walls. The Collections and Clusters both offer this great versatility for growing families.

By photographing the portrait in the nursery, not only was Nora comfortable (and clothing and diapers were close-by for changes), but the portraits automatically match the color and decor of the room. It's the perfect way to take away the stress of worrying whether it will fit in the room.

Plus, by using the wooden blocks, found in her room that spell out her name, we've added an element of nostalgia that I love.