Monday, November 03, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

Back to work! But I am still in dreamland a bit. The wedding was amazing and the honeymoon was incredible. As you probably assumed, I was seriously anxious to see the pictures from the wedding. Chris and Katie did an AMAZING job and already put up some of the pictures. I snagged them to show you.

My gorgeous dress! I loved it!

My mom surprised me and brought the handkerchief that my grandmother gave her for her wedding. Good thing I had it during the ceremony! Isn't the detail amazing?

Nick and me, happy as ever.

While my grandmothers weren't there in body, their spirits were. We attached my Grandma's ring and my Mimi's earring to the bouquet. I remember both of these pieces of jewelry vividly on my beautiful grandmothers and knew that they were with me that day.

My wonderful parents....

The kiss!!


Our beautiful flowers by the amazing Susan Sleeper at Bold American. She was so fantastic at translating my vision into something even better. We wanted to bring the outdoors in and create a really cozy and comfortable reception.

The cake was chocolate, of course. And the design was taken from our invitations. Our guests loved the cake and even said it was the best wedding cake they'd ever had. Thanks to Baker's Man.

We took swing lessons for our first dance was some fantastic instructors, Liz and Jeff. (Photographed their portrait for their wedding invitations.) We were so excited to show everyone what we had learned and show off a bit. I just love everyone's expressions in this picture and my flowing dress!

Dancing with my dad. This is the most genuine and wonderful picture I've seen of my dad, ever.

Nick, of course, played a few songs for me toward the end of the reception. It was a real treat for our out-of-town relatives who rarely, if ever, get to see him play.

Instead of having a final exit which seemed sort of weird since we were staying at the hotel that night, we decided to hand out bubbles to everyone to enjoy a last dance. It was such a surreal and dreamy moment that I'll never forget.

More pictures to come... Plus some honeymoon pictures so check back...