Monday, February 28, 2011

SpokesMAMA Baby - And the winner is...

Erinleigh Kinyanjui...Congratulations Erinleigh!

Thanks to everyone who applied and everyone who spread the word about it. We couldn't have done it without you! Our first SpokesMAMA Contest of 2011 received more applications than any other contest last year, our inaugural year for the contest.

The decision was so tough. Erinleigh won us over because she was so eloquent yet down-to-earth when she described herself and her love of our children's portraits.

I love the use of natural light and the intimacy of shooting in the subjects' home and other familiar locations. I HATE pose-y pictures, so the photo-journalistic style combined with her amazing eye is priceless. I think SSP is different (.... because although) other photographers may have a similar .... gear, etc... when you look at Sara's pictures you can feel the moments that were captured. They are beautiful pictures that reflect memories and are artistic to boot!
In addition to being a mom, she writes her own blog, volunteers at her church and even writes screenplays for local elementary schools. She seems like super-mom to us and we're thrilled to award her with the SpokesMAMA badge.

The next SpokesMAMA Contest is for moms of kids 6-8 years old. At this age, our kids are getting used to sitting for school pictures. ("Cheese!" Ah, those dreaded words!) And while many of those pictures turn out great, for most of us, they really don't say anything much about who are kids are. Shouldn't a picture say more than, "Yes, I have brown hair and blue eyes and my head is tilted the right way." LOL

We'd like to introduce an alternative to those posed, unnatural, uncomfortable and pressured portraits. And we'd like to include the whole family! Learn more about the next contest here and please spread the word. Please use #SpokesMAMA and @saraphotography when tweeting. The contest begins on March 17th.

Check back soon for pictures from Erinleigh's portrait session and if you see a SpokesMAMA sticker on the back of a car as you're driving around Atlanta, be sure to say congratulations! Plus, she'll have a special gift for you too!

And because no post is complete without a photo, enjoy this adorable moment I captured a few weeks ago of 4 year old Will showing off his awesome bedroom.

Monday, February 14, 2011

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds, Episode 21: Boutique Sale

It's time for the children's boutique warehouse sale. Save up to 70% on adorable clothing for your adorable kids from over 16 local stores including our new partner, Salon Red Kids. (Stay tuned for some exciting news about what we'll be doing with them soon.)

Here are the details:

Children's Warehouse Sale
Saturday, February 19th 9am - 5pm
Where: Atlantic Station, next to Dillard's, (404)876 1359
How much: Admission: $5 (a portion goes to Path to Shine, an after-school tutoring program)

Can't wait to see some of those new bright and fun clothes at your next portrait session!