Tuesday, July 06, 2010

PUBLISHED! Professional Photographer Magazine

I am so excited, I can hardly sit still.

I'm in the July issue of Professional Photographer Magazine!!!

This national trade magazine has been an amazing resource for me as a new business owner, and even now, 7 years after I opened my studio, I still learn so much from it. Everything from the art of photography to operating a studio to the latest new camera gear is covered. I have always looked up to the photographers who are profiled and included in the magazine, and I dreamed of the day that I, too, would be included. Reaching that point of experience, skill and knowledge to be included has been one of my goals from the very start. So to get here is oh, so sweet.

If you remember, last year PPMag wrote a piece about my photo essay in New Orleans. And this time, I was asked about our SpokesMAMA campaign. It's a huge honor to be asked about an advertising campaign that I created (with some initial ideas from Rod Evans). SpokesMAMA has been greatly successful in spreading the word about our studio. The concept of taking word-of-mouth advertising by the reigns and guiding it along is not new but finding the best way to do it is the tough part.

The current SpokesMAMA Contest is for photography of your child's first day of school (kindergarten or first grade). Unlike our other contests that are based on the age of your child and include a portrait session, this session is all about photographing the emotions and details of this exciting day.

Thanks for spreading the word about SpokesMAMA and continuing to support the studio!

And a specific thanks to Shelly, Angus and Gemma for letting me use the lovely image of Gemma reaching for her daddy's hand. So sweet.