Friday, February 13, 2009

Arrived and settling in

So, Nick and I arrived in New Orleans tonight without any travel drama. It's amazing! Our group is 16 strong and everyone seems really nice and excited to start working. Our day tomorrow starts early at 7am - translation: so early that I don't remember what that time of day looks like. I am so - correction - we are so not early risers. We stay up usually til around 1 or 2am so getting up tomorrow is going to be interesting.

But I am so excited to finally get to the first project and get my hands dirty. Since all of the renovation I've done in the last 2 years has been on our house, I'm excited to put all my newly acquired knowledge to use. Did you know that I know how to do drywall, tile, paint, stain and I'm really good with a hammer? I am! They are so lucky to have me. :)

More tomorrow with some "before" pictures.