Monday, March 09, 2009

Margaret's 2nd Portrait

Big brother, William, has a lot to teach little Margaret, but one thing she has already mastered is looking adorable. For this 5th portrait with the family, mom had a wonderful idea to use the veil from her wedding during the session. I have mentioned toys, stuffed animals and books to parents to personalize the session and make the kids feel at ease, but this was so different and so beautiful. The soft sheer texture combined with her beautiful skin took my breath away.

And since I started photographing William when he was just a few months old, he's become quite the ham. Every time I aim my camera in his direction, he is so aware of me and looks up to give me a big smile. So cute! He had a blast in the back yard with bubbles. Bubbles have become a recurring activity at many sessions. They are so fun and encourage complete uninhibited laughter and joy. Love William's smile as he reaches for the bubbles in the air.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow. Click the image below to view it.