Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sisters: Nicole & Sofia

Oh, how I love photographing sisters. Since I never had one, I just love capturing this amazing and wonderful relationship. Nicole and Sofia are great friends and have so much fun together. I was a bit curious to see what would happen when I asked them to hug, knowing that if someone had asked my brother, Jeff, and me to do that at their age, we both would have said, "EW! No way!" But these girls were so happy to be close to each other, even if Nicole decided it would be fun to lift her sister up by her head, it was still a really fun moment.

Love this fun picture of them playing in the grass. Enjoy the slideshow! Click the image below to view.

Who can I talk to??!

We are getting SOOO close to the wedding! Only 10 days left. My last day working will be this Saturday so if you need to reach us about scheduling a portrait session, placing an order, inquiring about our wedding photography, or general questions, please contact my fantastic assistant, Jessica. Jessica (at) She will be happy to answer any questions you may have until I return on November 3rd.

A couple more posts to come before then....