Friday, January 25, 2008

A Wrench in my Plan

Nothing like car trouble to put a wrench in things. I was on my way to witness a Bris for my friends' brand new baby boy, when I turned the key in the car and ....... nothing. Dead battery. Totally sucks because I missed Rachel's baby shower in December and I was so excited to celebrate with them. Ok, so I admit it, it was my fault. I arrived home last night after a frustrating trip to the post office. (Two lost packages that were delivered to the post office but never to my box.) After I pulled in the driveway, I turned off the engine and pulled out my trusty mileage journal to make a new note. I turned on the dome light in the car to write my entry and forgot to turn it off. Never looking at the car again the whole night, I only realized my error when I hopped in this AM to only hear clicking when the key turned. I think it's time to call the tow truck again and see what's taking so long. I got celebrating to do!