Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Resemblances

My little niece is so yummy, I could eat her up. Since she was born, I have enjoyed every moment. I could just stare at her all day, ok, actually, I could photograph her all day. Because she lives in Seattle, I don't get to see her as often as I'd like, which means that the time we do have together is really special.

While I post pictures on here all the time of my clients, I don't often put up pictures of my own family. And that's gotta change. With my recent post about my Northeast Tour, I was able to share a lot of family with you. So that's a good start. Northeast Tour, Part 2 is coming soon.

Elizabeth and I share some similarities that well, just make me proud. See if you can figure them out. The top picture is me with my brother around age 3. The bottom is Elizabeth at my cousin's wedding in June. She'll be 2 in August.

Can you tell that I love being an aunt? I can't wait to introduce her to hair product and show her the ways of naturally curly hair. Those beautiful curls can sometimes be a pain, but through my infinite wisdom, I plan to show her how to love them.