Thursday, April 24, 2008

Accolades from unexpected places

You know when you receive a complement from anyone it can change an average day to amazing. " You look beautiful," or "Nice job on that presentation" can often give you the boost you didn't even know you needed. But complements from complete strangers has that unbiased ounce of awesomeness (is that even a word?!)

I received an email from a photography hobbyist in Florida recently. He claimed that he googled "World's Best Photographer" and found my site listed second. (Yeah!) After looking through my website,, he sent a message to say hello and ask for some advice on purchasing some new camera equipment. As I read his entire email I was blown away by his words...

"I hope you don't mind, but I rank your shots right up there with Joe Buissink." - David Shaw
Wow, what a huge complement! If you don't know who Joe Buissink is, you have probably seen his images. Take a look at his website. He has photographed some of the biggest celebrity weddings all over the world, including J. Lo., Kelsey Grammer and Christina Aguilera, but more than that, his work is so powerful. He's able to truly capture the essence of the people he photographs.

I recently heard him speak at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Annual Conference) and I was amazed that although I hadn't ever heard him speak before, that he described his photography exactly the way I describe mine. In fact, he used many of the same phrases. Capturing the essence of personalities .... capturing moments that many would simply not notice .... capturing moments that bring my clients right back to the moment, not just the event, but exactly what they were feeling at that moment.

Joe has been in the business for years and has accomplished so much. For my work to be compared to his work is a real honor. So, thank you David! You made my YEAR!