Saturday, May 31, 2008

Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Can you believe how quickly Father's Day is going to be here? June 15th is right around the corner. If thoughts of boring ties and impersonal electronics don't do it for you, may I suggest something that he'll not only use but cherish?

We have some fantastic personalized Father's Day gifts. These items are ONLY available for Father's Day.

Willard Keychain - $60, This leather and pewter keychain is simple and fun. And the best part is that he'll be reminded of his favorite people each time he uses his keys.

Thomas Wallett - $85, The modern design of this leather wallet leaves ample room for credit cards, while cash is safely tucked away under a sturdy magnetic clip.

Use pictures of the kids, the family pet or the whole family to personalize these great gifts. Order by June 4th to receive it in time for Dad's Day or add it to any of our Portrait Packages by June 15th.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Client Designs

This week I've been busy working on collages and albums for some of my fantastic Growing Baby Portrait Package clients. It's been so fun to watch William and Patrick grow over the last year. One of my favorite moments is walking into my clients' homes on the 2nd and 3rd visits and see how much he has grown. It's so fun to see which features and personality traits remain and which ones adapt and change as the little baby grows into a child.

Here's William's 9-image collage.

And Patrick is getting our newest album - the Carry-About Album. I actually used pictures from Patrick's 2nd portrait for the studio sample and what mother could say no to this adorable album?! Patrick's mom opted for the 5x5 album with leather cover. Check out the entire design by clicking the image below.

Have a great holiday weekend! Yay, BBQ time and beautiful weather!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Elijah and the parade

At Elijah's portrait I experienced a FIRST. Soon after we arrived at the historic Grant Park we heard a marching band in the distance. It was the 125th anniversary celebration for the park and we got a treat when the parade marched right past us. Of all the times I've photographed portraits in parks, this was a first and I loved it! It added to the photojournalistic style of the portrait session with such exciting activity going on.

After the fun time at the park, we headed back to the house. Elijah had a great time swinging on his swing on the front porch and playing on mom and dad's bed.

Thanks for a fun morning! View the full size slideshow here or view the mini version below.

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Sample Album!

It finally arrived! The new 3x3 Carry-about Album and it is so CUTE!!! Yes, you read right....3x3 inches. It's perfect for carrying around with you and bragging to everyone you know (and don't know) how cute your kids are or how beautiful the wedding was.

This sample album was all about Patrick. This adorable 1 year old had fun riding his tricycle and playing all over the house on the day of my second portrait with him. The full-bleed images, hard-backed pages and leather cover make this a great add-on to any of our packages.

Also available in 5x5 and 10-20 pages.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feel the Joy

I met Avery and her parents in Spring 2005. Avery was just 6 months old and mom and dad couldn't have been happier to have her home. They adopted little Avery from Guatemala and although I know I'm biased, she is just so much fun! Throughout the last 3 years I've had the pleasure to watch her grow from the little munchkin who sat on the bay window chair with the infectious smile to her latest love - being a ballerina.

This portrait session was an especially meaningful one because Avery has a new sister and a new brother. Lucy and Jack were also adopted from Guatemala and in fact Jack had been home for only three weeks. This is such a special time for this family and it was really a great honor to document it at their home. What I love about these images is that you can feel the joy in this family with their hugs, their laughter and simply watching the kids play. Kelly and Chris's love is boundless and has created a warm home where all three kids will grow and flourish. And I couldn't be happier for you!

Thanks again! Here's the full size slideshow and the mini-show below.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Our Engagement Session

So, we've officially started the countdown to the wedding in October. When Nick reminded me that we have five months to the wedding, I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. I have so much to do!! And I am so excited!

A couple weeks ago we felt like a real engaged couple when Chris and Katie met us to photograph an engagement portrait session. Wow, was it weird to be in front of the camera! I had to keep telling myself to "live in the moment" with Nick instead of thinking of what the images were going to look like or what I would be shooting. I had to step back from my creative side to just BE, what a weird concept...

Choosing our photographers was a really tough decision, as you can imagine. I'm a little picky when it comes to this stuff! But we are so excited with the images they captured. We went to Atlantic Station, where Nick proposed on one foggy December night and then to Piedmont Park, one of our favorite outdoor spots in Atlanta.

Below are some of my favorites. And check out the slideshow here.

Dancing in the park.

Love this one - this is Nick's engagement ring. Yes, he has one! I think it is only fair that guys get a ring too. I mean, marriage is supposed to be an equal partnership so why don't they get rings?

One of the many laughing kisses. I think by this point we were just feeling so funny kissing-on-demand that we couldn't contain ourselves.

I'm planning to put together a sign-in book for the wedding with the images from our session. If it works, I may start offering it to my own clients... Love how my experience through this whole process is helping my wedding photography business. Can't wait for wedding pictures! Thanks, Chris and Katie!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Performer Mag Loves My Fiance'

Today, Nick received an amazing review of his latest blues-rock CD (online release only) "Live in 2007." It's a compilation of live performances while he was on tour last year including an on-air performance on WUGA in Athens. Performer Magazine LOVED HIM! I am so excited for him that I just have to post the review here to share the news.

Athens music native Nick Edelstein takes the listeners on a terrific ride through the world of blues with an online release of live recordings held in venues throughout the Southeast.

A record chocked full of strong blues material, including classic blues standards such as “Crossroads,” “Stormy Monday” and “Hound Dog,” the artist’s handywork on lead guitar is impeccably precise, as each live song spills with fervent balance, delivering
punchy lead solos galore.

Edelstein also shows his intimate and personal side with soft-spoken material, on endearing works such as originals, “Sign from Above,” flawlessly recorded at Athens radio station, WUGA-FM, and “Ripple,” recorded at a bar in Charlotte, N.C.Although much of the live recordings are very murky and muddy, what is most important is Edelstein’s craftsmanship on blues guitar. “Crossroads” churns the album from the start, launching the album’s fiery energy and tenacity from the get-go.

Edelstein is sloppy in some places on his lead guitar improvisation, yet only true guitarists know, and not the audience. Certainly a highlight displaying his most superior guitar work falls in the intro and throughout “Red House,” a dazzling, mesmerizing statement of guitar-driven blues-rock.

Much of the record has some breathtaking guitar work, and his voice suits the blues man, with performances of liquid gold, compared to the swift speed of a dozen horses at Churchhill Downs, as notes flourish like a roaring freight train.

Though he has much room to grow and improve, his potential is boundless. He even throws in some great riffs and chops that speak of his influences, possibly reminiscing Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Santana’s artistry comes to fruition in a frighteningly well-spoken version of “Europa.”

It’s good to hear much of Edelstein’s background through short bits of interviews on WUGA-FM, as he dwells into his work, and his further studies in comparative literature. (NESS Records)

-Shawn M. Haney,

How cool is that!? I swear he didn't pay for that! :) Performer Magazine is one of the industry's top trade magazines so it's huge that they love him that much.

Check him out at his website - - (photos complements of yours truly) or download the CD at His CD is featured this week on the home page of the site, so you can't miss it.