Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picture of the Day

I met Naomi early this year when Nick and I decided to take a trip to New Orleans to volunteer our time to help rebuild in the aftermath of Katrina. The trip was so educational and moving that upon my return, I created a movie with the images from my time there and my thoughts about our experiences. You can watch it here. I also wrote one article and had one written about me in the Atlanta Jewish Times and Professional Photographer Magazine.

So, Naomi is one of the amazing people that worked for JFSJ, the organization that sponsored the trip. Her enthusiasm about the program and her genuine desire to connect with all the volunteers was palpable and infectious. She and Alana guided the Atlanta office to great things. So, when it came time to thank her for her efforts, we couldn't think of a more fitting thank you than a portrait session of her family.

Photographing Naomi and Michael and their two girls, Jolene and Talia, was really fun. After a morning of rain, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful fall sunset. Riding bikes, pretending their backyard was Cinderella's Ball, and singing silly songs meant the pictures from their session truly captured a day-in-the-life of this family.

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