Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pins & Needles

Hope you had a fun holiday. My long weekend was great. Got a ton done on the house (yay for our brand new shed and being able to get all our tools out of the house!) and a bit on the wedding (less than 6 weeks to go!), but I was struck with a nasty cold on Sunday. When many people may feel themselves getting sick, they decide to load up on vitamins, fluids and rest. I decided to skip that third item and try to do as much as possible for the yuckiness set in. I managed to mow the lawn, organize some more things in the shed, continue designing on our wedding sign-in book, change the light bulbs in the kitchen and go grocery shopping. I'm crazy, I know. So now I sit in my studio working away, unable to speak because my throat hurts so much. At least there's email and "quiet" productivity. Here's a hot tea and Ricola lozenge toast to feeling better ASAP.