Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Picture of the Day - Photoventuring at the Krog Street Tunnel

Before I opened Sara Speert Photography, when photography was simply a hobby and I was creating fine art photography for local galleries, neighborhood art festivals and underground art exhibits, I used to drive around Atlanta aimlessly looking for interesting things to photograph. I did it on a pretty regular basis, learned a lot and it kept my creativity evolving. But as I got busier photographing my clients, when it came to my day off, I rarely want to pick up a camera.

But armed with an amazing camera and lens that I rented this weekend, I felt inspired to get out and have some fun. So o
n Sunday, Nick and I headed out to take pictures (and video) around Atlanta. These are from the infamous Krog Street tunnel in Cabbagetown. I love not knowing exactly what I'm going to get with night-time photography. Waiting for cars to drive through the tunnel, pressing the shutter button and seeing the image on the back of the camera was exhilarating. Back when I used to do this, I was shooting film so the development took days instead of milliseconds. Recharging my creativity is awesome. Hope you enjoy!