Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taking better pictures of your child

I was asked by Expectant Mother's Guide, an Atlanta publication for new and expecting moms, to write an article about taking the best pictures of your child. It was such an honor to contribute to this great magazine which is chock full of wonderful information ranging from financial planning to the benefits of infant massage to nursery design.

It’s a day you’ve dreamt of for months. As you leave the hospital, you can’t believe that this little bundle is yours. You step into your home and it hits you, “What now?” You have so much to do, but at that moment all you want to do is lie down on your bed and stare at this beautiful little person who just changed your life. This is a moment that you want to remember forever. His little fingers and toes are the cutest things you’ve ever seen. His lips, his eyes, everything is so perfect! So you reach for your camera to capture this moment. It’s a picture you know you will look at over and over again, so you cross your fingers that it will turn out..... continue reading the article.
The magazine will be available in March at local pediatricians' and OB doctors' offices.

Monday, February 22, 2010

SpokesMAMA Contest Begins Today!

What is a SpokesMAMA? She's a mom who loves her kids and adores professional portraits of them. She loves the candid and artistic style of our photography and the emotions that it captures. She is active in her community, meeting with other moms at mommy groups, church/synagogue groups, at daycare and school, and online. She frequents Facebook and Twitter, parenting forums and listserves for her neighborhood. She thinks our portrait photography is awesome and may or may not already be a client.

As a spokesperson of Sara Speert Photography, the winning SpokesMama will represent SSP to her friends and family. She'll take every opportunity to share the photos that were taken during her sessions and talk about her experience with SSP. She'll use social media, printed fliers, email, etc. to refer other like-minded families to SSP. (Printed pieces will be provided by SSP)

Be our SpokesMAMA, spread the word about SSP and help us grow!

In exchange, if you are chosen, you will receive a free ABC Storytelling Portrait Session package which includes a Planning Meeting, a 2-hour session, a Design Appointment and a $250 credit for anything purchased at the Design Appointment. This package is valued at $500. AND you will also receive 25% off your second session during your year-long tenure as a SpokesMAMA or a $125 discount off your chosen Growing Baby Portrait Package that will be completed during your year.

This contest is for newborns. In order to be selected, you must have a baby who is 2 weeks old or younger in the month of March 22 - April 22, 2010. CHANGE: NOW OPEN TO BABIES BORN BETWEEN MARCH 22 AND JUNE 22! (If this does not apply to you, join our mailing list - we will be holding contests for families with older children soon.)

Contest ends on Thursday, March 18th.
Winner will be chosen on Monday, March 22nd.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Picture of the Day - Snow-lanta

Although the snow is all but completely gone just 3 days later, I loved it while it lasted. I worked most of the day on Friday until I couldn't resist any longer headed outside to play. My parents who live in Baltimore have been overwhelmed with 3+ feet of snow in the last week (and today they will get even more), and I have to admit that I was a bit jealous. After living in Rochester, NY, I never thought I'd miss the snow again, but it finally happened. Seeing their pictures and hearing the reports of record snowfall made me wish I could helicopter in to spend a few snow-days with them. So when we got our own bit, I was so excited. Here are some pictures I took Friday afternoon. It's been a long time since I went out to just shoot for ME without any agenda. So this was a lot of fun. Here's to hoping we get another snowstorm so I can play again.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds, Episode 14

I discovered this great time-saver and back pain-easer for bathing your little one. No more bending over one of those inserts in the tub or lugging those heavy basins around.

And when you're finished, simply hang it up to dry.

So smart!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

STuFF - Sara's Totally Fantastic Finds, Episode 13

shop original

In case you missed it, we added a link on the right side of the blog for one of our favorite online stores. Kir De Vries is an awesome shop where you can buy everything from reusable stainless steel BPA-free water bottles, insulated lunch totes that I would love to use as a purse (they're so cute!), and washable produce bags (to cut down on the use of plastic bags that aren't good for anyone.) It's a wonderful way to take one more step to being green and looking great doing it.

If you decide to purchase something, let me know! I'd love to hear what you think.