Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Book

Just finished designing another adorable Carry-About Album for Daniel. These albums are so cute and so well-made. I've gotta get some more samples made just because I love looking at them so much. :)

This one is a 5x5 album that Daniel is giving to his grandparents for their birthdays. Love it! (Click the page-spread to see the entire album.)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just for the fun of it

So last week I was cruising the web looking through many of the website directories where I have SSP listed - checking to be sure the the information is correct - and I happened upon a profile for an artist at a social website, similar to MySpace but for artists. I was surprised and so flattered that he listed me as his favorite photographer! Since most of his work is graphic and computer generated, completely different than what I do, I am especially flattered. Here's what he wrote to me:

You definitely deserve (being called my) favourite! Your photos pack so much emotions in them, every photo tells such a great story! they are so inspiring!...

I came across your portfolio while I was looking for photographs for inspiration to do something different. At one point I felt my photography was turning very monotonous as in I was taking photos of only seascapes, beaches, objects,etc..and I felt the need to try something different and I really wanted to start with human emotions and expressions and of all the portfolios I looked on the net, yours caught my eye (because) the moment I see any of your photographs, I instantly get the whole story behind it. It makes me feel that I know (the people) in the photograph, which is pretty amazing!

I just wanna say ... keep rocking! you're awesome! and I hope someday I can be half as talented as you are.. :)

How nice is that?! Compliments from complete strangers are so amazing because they are totally unbiased. So, thanks, Nitin!

In other news, I posted a couple weeks ago that I had a great time having lunch with some friends. As much as my friends and family like to think that I have oodles of time to grab lunch here and there and do whatever I'd like during the workday, it's usually not the case. So much to do, and so little time! :) But I managed to make it to lunch to see my friends, Megan Resch (who was visiting from Phoenix), Chris and Katie, and Jen Odom. Here's what 5 photographers look like when they photograph themselves. :)

I love that Chris is the only guy AND the only one truly in focus. He knew exactly where to stand. :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Vertical storage opens UP my world

The blogging Catch-22: the busier I get, the more I have to share BUT the less time I have to do it. I feel like it's been months since I last posted although it's only been a couple days. Guess that I've just had so much going on and thoughts of "oh! I should blog about this!" but never getting around to it continue to inundate me. So, I'm sorry! I still love you and I don't mean to neglect you. :)

This weekend has been a rare one off so I've had the chance do some wedding stuff - shoes and hair jewelry (my new favorite girly thing) & more improvements to my studio office.

With an amazing new addition to my studio (more details soon), it was definitely time to update my desk and get some better organization. I love that I now have some great vertical storage and that I am no longer facing the wall. I know there's gotta be some Fung Shui thing against a desk facing a wall because I feel so much better - more relaxed and at ease - now that I am facing open space instead. Plus the little splash of orange on the display table definitely brightens the mood.

Off to do some yardwork and have another productive day! Hope you're having a great weekend too.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Portrait Day 2008

Register early, by August 20th, and receive 50% off any single package of holiday cards (25 card/25 envelopes).

Final registration deadline is August 29th.