Friday, February 29, 2008

My Rock Star Fiance

Nick going to be on the radio this afternoon! Yeah, really!

He's doing an in-studio performance and interview on WUGA. Check him out with his band on Listen live at 4pm to the "It's Friday!" show.

Visit his websites for more music, downloads, and merchandise (....and GREAT photos of live shows and press images.)

Playing with Light

Throughout the last week, I've been experimenting with ways that light can completely change the mood of an image. Ben Vigil and I had a great time playing with silhouettes. Check out these cool shots I took of him.

Rockin' the halo...

Ben's new baby - the new Nikon D3. I can't believe he's such a traitor!
I thought us Canon people stuck together! :)

Matt Yung and I are shooting Mandi and Mark's wedding this weekend. We had a little "scout-out" meeting at the venue and decided to play a bit with the glass elevators.

Love the melting atrium...

Excited to do some more playing - I'm such a kid sometimes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Band Shots

The second band that Nick's in (other than the Nick Edelstein Band) is The Moody Jews. Last weekend I photographed some band photos for their press kit, website, Myspace page and more. It was fun to get together with this crew of guys. I have to thank them again and again for asking Nick to be in the band three years ago. It was after a show with them that Nick and I met at an outdoor festival, The Atlanta Jewish Festival. Without that show, I don't think our paths would have crossed. Amazing what how a short moment can change your life forever.

Anyway, here's the band. They play Jewish rock putting a twist on traditional Jewish prayers.

Steve, Nick, Andy, Dan, Al and Scott

They play next on March 30th. Check out their Myspace page for details.

Fool's Gold and The Crimson Moon

Stopping the work clock and taking a night off is often difficult for me. But I've been making a much stronger effort since my birthday. (Nothing like a birthday to remind me of what is really important to me) In fact, I worked out four times this week. Yay, me! I even made it to yoga on Wednesday. So, Nick and I planned a date on Friday night. Sushi and Fool's Gold, the movie with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Yes, I got my way and dragged Nick to a chick flick. :) Fun movie... If you are looking for an escape of a movie with no serious undertone or politics, I recommend it. Saturday, Nick played at Crimson Moon in Dahlonega for a third time. This place is amazing for live music. Really fun and friendly staff, great vibe and amazing musicians. (I must say!) I was excited to see that one of my favorite artists, Lucy Kaplansky, is playing there in two weeks. So cool that Nick played the same stage as so many greats. Today, I spent most of the day having a typical Sunday. As my only day off during the week, I usually find myself cleaning the house. I had ITunes cranking and the windows open and danced through the house while I cleaned. Cleaning isn't so bad when accompanied by Michael Buble.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Let the Celebration Begin...

The wedding celebration has begun! Our engagement party was on Saturday and it was so fun to hang out with our friends and parents. Our amazing friends, Arrie and Dan, threw the party for us at Java Vino in Virginia-Highlands. It's a wonderful family-run place offering up fantastic wine, delicious home-made desserts and coffee that was grown on their family farm in Nicaragua. They have a wonderful private party space on the third floor of this renovated home. It was the perfect place for our casual and "homey" gathering. Wine, cheese, chocolate and friends... our favorite things. With all the chaos of our kitchen remodel, planning the wedding and our businesses, we haven't seen much of our friends recently. So it was especially nice to toast a glass with everyone.

My mom played photographer for the night with her point-and-shoot camera.

Nick and me

Jen Goldin and Arrie Sherr

Chef Hilly Blondheim, Nick, Michele Blondheim, Heather Trell and Todd Shlesinger

Dad and me

Nina Edelstein (Nick's mom), Dave Dunay, Larry Bowie and Lizette Dunay

Dan Schlossberg, me and Jenni Taussig

You guys are the best! Thanks for partying with us and can't wait to party again in October.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Moms and Daughters

Sarah contacted me a few weeks ago. She said that she would like a portrait with her 16 year old daughter to capture this moment in their relationship. She described their relationship so eloquently - "intensely raw - at times we are ready to kill each other and at times we are best friends." For all parents of teenagers reading this, you completely understand that contradiction. No explanation needed, right?!

In addition to Sarah and her daughter, Sarah's dad and sister joined in the session. It was so enjoyable to photograph this family. Since the majority of portraits I photograph are of little ones, under 5 years old, it was a inspiring change of pace to spend some time with them. It became clear that they are an extremely close family so it was meaningful to capture that intimacy for them.

Here's your slideshow!