Friday, February 15, 2008

Let the Celebration Begin...

The wedding celebration has begun! Our engagement party was on Saturday and it was so fun to hang out with our friends and parents. Our amazing friends, Arrie and Dan, threw the party for us at Java Vino in Virginia-Highlands. It's a wonderful family-run place offering up fantastic wine, delicious home-made desserts and coffee that was grown on their family farm in Nicaragua. They have a wonderful private party space on the third floor of this renovated home. It was the perfect place for our casual and "homey" gathering. Wine, cheese, chocolate and friends... our favorite things. With all the chaos of our kitchen remodel, planning the wedding and our businesses, we haven't seen much of our friends recently. So it was especially nice to toast a glass with everyone.

My mom played photographer for the night with her point-and-shoot camera.

Nick and me

Jen Goldin and Arrie Sherr

Chef Hilly Blondheim, Nick, Michele Blondheim, Heather Trell and Todd Shlesinger

Dad and me

Nina Edelstein (Nick's mom), Dave Dunay, Larry Bowie and Lizette Dunay

Dan Schlossberg, me and Jenni Taussig

You guys are the best! Thanks for partying with us and can't wait to party again in October.

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