Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Move to Decatur

The last few weeks have been crazy, amazing, exhausting and rewarding. I moved my office (and home!) to Decatur and have been busy planning, painting, cleaning and reorganizing. During the pack up, I was so proud that I got rid of so many things that I no longer needed. You should have seen the amount of paper recycling I put out on the street. Four years in business can cause a huge amount of accumulation. The feeling of being rid of those things that weren't helping me or the business was so awesome. I felt cleansed and like I could breathe easier. I am now down to just a few packed boxes and it's coming along. Just wish I had had time to paint and get the new office furniture BEFORE I moved in, but oh well.

The new place is located just 1.5 miles south of downtown Decatur in the cute neighborhood of Forrest Hills. We will definitely have a party to celebrate the new place soon (well, as soon as we get a chance to paint and get the new furniture!)

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