Friday, January 19, 2007

Our Doors are Open

My first official client meeting in the new space was this morning and although the 5 of us were a little cramped, it went great. Monica and Morris are a fun artistic couple from San Francisco. And their amazing wedding coordinator, Margie Sikes of Affairs of Elegance, is full of energy. She and I worked together at Noelle and Nathan's wedding a few years ago at Park Tavern.

Being artists themselves, M&M (cute, huh?) really understand the importance of photography at their wedding. In fact, they had already decided that it would recieve the largest budget of all their vendors. They explained that they wanted to be able to enjoy captured moments as art in their home. They spoke about a photographer at a friend's wedding (and I've heard this so many times before!) who made the couple re-walk the isle and redo just about everything in order to photograph it. How frustrating would that be to have to stop your day just so that the photographer can take pictures?! The point is to document the day, to tell a story, the re-experience the day as it happened - bloopers and all - every time they look at their album or wall photographs.

I'm really looking forward to photographing their wedding in the fall. So, it seems that the new space is good luck so far!

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