Saturday, December 23, 2006

Engaged, Me? What?!

Nick proposed on Thursday night!!! I am so excited and couldn't be happier. The whole experience was so surreal. If that's any indication of what our wedding will be like, my plan of being cool and collected will go completely out the window! I couldn't stop crying - I was so happy. In fact, I kept crying and hugging him until he asked, "So, is that a YES?"

Beautiful holidays lights, a warm rainy evening and a group of girls who started clapping and cheering for us combined to make the moment feel like we were in the middle of some Hollywood scripted scene.

You know, since the onset of reality tv, I've witnessed a few proposals and I always say to myself that it is so irritating when the woman doesn't answer immediately. What's with the tears? What is her problem? Why can't she answer her nervous boyfriend? BUT I had no idea what was really happening until it happened to me. It was like I lost the ability to speak. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't find the words, much less any words at all. So, no longer will I find fault with the bumbling women who just can't muster the words.

So, the next question of course is "Who will photograph the wedding?" It's a little early to make that decision, but I definitely have some ideas! But I'm not peeping.

I'll post some pictures soon of us and the adorable ring holder.

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