Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let it Snow!

If you were in Atlanta on Saturday, you saw the awesome snow we got. It has been so long since I saw snow that I got quite giddy at the first site of it. Pretty silly considering I lived in Baltimore for 18 years and then Rochester, NY for 4 (home of "lake-effect" snow flakes the size of golf balls.) But it hasn't snowed in Atlanta in a LONG time so we made the most of it. In the morning, Nick's cousin, Julia, had her Bat Mitzvah and we managed to go outside for a bit to enjoy the snow. How adorable is she?!

When Nick and I got home, we went out into our yard immediately to play. I felt like I was 8 again. So much fun!

...dancing in our bamboo garden

When I lived up north, two inches of snow wasn't even worth the time to build a snowman, but down here, it was a ton of snow.

Meet our rocker-snowman - complete with his backstage pass and headphones.

And this is our beach-bum snowman. He's all set with his beach volleyball, Frisbee and drink.

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