Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogging Clients

My fantastic client, Hallie Crawford, mom of Vaughn, is a Certified Co-Active Coach - she helps people identify their loves and dislikes and then helps them find the right career. I just love that she is helping others and I especially love her Mission:

To change the way people feel about work from just a paycheck to a fulfilling endeavor that is an extension of their purpose and passion.
She offers career coaching for anyone already in the working world and for college grads. How gratifying it must be to be able to help people move past stress and anxiety into something they love.

Not only does she have a great website, but she's also BLOGGING! Check out her recent post about our portrait session. She is releasing a book shortly and I am thrilled that she will be using some head shots I took of her on the book cover and on her websites.

I know that I am lucky to have found my passion for photography and to be able to make a career from it, so whenever I hear friends or family talking about how miserable they are in their jobs, it makes me really sad. I have been there. Memories of working as a legal secretary still haunt me. That 9-5 in a small office with no window and a boss who treated me like his personal gofer were a nightmare. If you're feeling this way about your path, check out Hallie's website.

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