Wednesday, October 10, 2007

White dresses galore!

My parents arrived last Wednesday for an intense 4 days of wedding stuff. Florists, wedding coordinator and my favorite, dresses! We got so much done, well more like thinking about all the possibilities and narrowing down the immense options to what will work best for our October 2008 wedding.

I think
I may have scared a few of the bridal shop owners when I said I wanted something completely non-traditional. I'm not a strapless, poofy dress kinda girl, so it was kind of a challenge to find other options. But after three bridal shops, Bridals by Lori, La Raine's and Kelly's Closet, I had found 2 dresses that I absolutely love. Either one will be gorgeous and totally comfortable, which was number two on my list of must-have's. I am still trying to decide...

I met two fantastic florists who came highly recommended - John at Twelve, and Susan at Little Sparrow. They both had amazing ideas for flowers and decor and I am so excited with all the options. Suddenly I have all these ideas for the way I want guests to feel when they enter the ceremony and reception and I know that both florists would be able to do an unbelievable job.

The other exciting thing that happened this week was some more major advances in the kitchen remodel. We now have countertops and they are amazing! It's unreal how much the kitchen changed once they were installed. It actually looks like a functioning kitchen now and with the newly installed cooktop it is completely functioning. Yay! Our first dinner on the cooktop was ravioli. Tonight, popcorn is on the menu for a late night snack. With the countertops came the sink and fancy extension faucet which we love. Nick actually loves the faucet so much, he posted on his new blog about it. I'll post some more pics soon of the latest additions.

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