Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Patrick's First Birthday

On Monday, I visited with Sandra, Roger and Patrick again. They chose to document Patrick's first 18 months with the Growing Baby Portrait Package which includes three portraits. So for this second portrait I met them at their house. Patrick has grown quite a bit since I last saw him and if I'm not mistaken, I think he remembered me. Ok, maybe not, little one's don't have much of a memory for their favorite photographer who comes once every 6 months. :) But he did seem to take to me. I know that my kids like me when they are in the middle of playing with their toys or climbing the stairs and turn to look at me and wait for the "click."

Patrick was full of adorable smiles. He wasn't afraid to show off those cute new teeth. And as with most kids his age, he had a couple moments of tears. Although many parents don't exactly want to remember their kids being sad, I do love capturing those moments as well as the happy ones. I think they really express the range of emotions that they experience every day. As we get older, I think we still have those same feelings, but we aren't as apt to share them so openly. The few shots I got of him crying are so intense and emotional that I just love them for their rawness.

Anyway, Sandra and Roger are going to have a ton of pictures to narrow down for the framed collage they'll be receiving at the end of the portrait series. The 9-image collage is a wonderful way to take three photos from each portrait and display them as a series.

Here's they're slideshow...

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