Saturday, April 02, 2011

Picture of the Day - My Family

Last weekend Nick and I flew out to Seattle for some much needed family time. Our adorable niece is growing up so quickly - it's hard to believe she'll be three this summer! It was great to spend some stress-free time with my brother and sister-in-law in their home and around town.

The long weekend was filled with lots of everything... delicious home-cooked Shabbat dinner, sushi from a conveyor belt, pink cupcakes,

hide and seek,


drawing with chalk, bristle blocks, walking to get bagels,

playing in the van (Elizabeth wanted to show me what it's like to
drive and ride in the van to the campsite.)

hide and seek (again!),
a visit to the children's museum,
gourmet doughnuts,
reading books, playing dollhouse and play-kitchen

making silly faces,

and cozy naps.

But the best part is listening to her. She has a lot to say and has a great vocabulary, and it's so fun to listen to her at this age. Everything is "why?" and when she says our names, it's actually "Un Nih and Ann Saya." Seriously, just hearing our names makes me melt. She also repeats a lot that she hears. Jeff calls her a parakeet, ha! Kathleen got her saying "Whatever, dude" which got us all laughing hysterically.

Can't wait to see them all again soon on Skype. (Isn't Skype just awesome?!) Have a great rest of the weekend with your family!

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