Friday, April 30, 2010

Day-in-the-Life Portrait: Zoo Atlanta

I must admit that when I was planning this portrait session with Karen and Patty, I was really excited about the thought of photographing at some wonderful Atlanta landmarks. But when they decided on Zoo Atlanta, I was stoked. Cole's first and second portraits were at home where we were able to capture everyday life in an artistic way. Look at this beautiful use of his portrait in their master bedroom.

Day-in-the-Life portrait sessions are all about a fun activity, an amazing location, and this one has it all. The excitement of going to the zoo for any child is contagious. Seeing all those animals, riding the train and the merry-go-round. It's all so much fun and I couldn't help but experience this great place through Cole's eyes. He was in awe most of the day looking at all the interesting things, and by "awe" I mean straight-faced and absorbing everything around him. That is until we left the zoo and walked into Grant Park.

Running around in the grass, finding magnolia leaves and riding on mama's shoulders gave Cole perma-grin! Patty joked that no matter how much they spend on toys or special outings, like the zoo, the time that Cole really seems to enjoy the most are the moments that don't cost anything. All they require are the whole family spending quality time
together. I love that notion and couldn't agree more.

Click the image below to view Cole's Day-in-the-Life Zoo Atlanta adventure.

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