Monday, March 29, 2010

A No-Boundaries Wedding Album - Atlanta Wedding Photography

Every once in a while I get the amazing opportunity to design something without any boundaries. It's a rare occurrence and I must admit, it is so much fun.

Photographing Christin & Jason's wedding was a dream come true. Their beautiful and intimate beach wedding in San Destin, Florida was such a treat to photograph. And then the reception two weeks later at Barnsley Gardens was a great way to celebrate with all their friends and family. Because I had so many photos to work with - the locations alone left me with infinite possibilities for amazing photos - I designed an album the best way I knew how, the way I would want my own wedding album which, by the way, is still in the works. Imagine that!

I wanted to create something that reminded them of all the special moments of both weekends, like how the ocean breeze felt during their ceremony and the stunning sunset we were blessed with while we photographed their portraits. And most importantly, I wanted to create something that would stand the test of time, that would become their first family heirloom and be something that they would want to share with everyone who came to their home. Because what's the point of an album if it's placed on a shelf and never looked at?

Christin and Jason completely embraced the ginormous album set I created. Yes, I said, ginormous. It is an 18x12 double-volume album that includes more than 250 photos. Really, it's more than an album, it's a piece of
documentary art. I was hoping that when it arrived at my studio that it would take my breath away, and it truly did. I am so excited to hear their reactions to it, I can hardly sit still.

The first page of the first album displays the romantic images
from their engagement session at Barnsley Gardens.

All the beautiful details from their beach wedding.
Their love is definitely a "shore thing." :)

Christin getting ready with the girls in the beach house.
I'm pretty sure she only wore those shoes for about 5 minutes but they were awesome.

The stunning location of the wedding. Seriously, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. And Jason looking handsome and not at all nervous just before walking down the isle.

Some of the moments during the ceremony.
The wind through Christin's gown and the sunset, what more can I say?
The photo on the left is on a gate-fold.
You can see the seam down the middle. When you open it...

this is what you see on the inside. Love this unique way of interacting with the album and the suspense it creates by not knowing what is about to unfold. (pun intended) :)

Here's another unique feature of these albums - wings.
The whole right page unfolds to reveal a long spread of photos.

A beautiful moment in front of the ruins at Barnsley Gardens.

Another wing revealing my absolute favorite page design of both albums.

Christin & Jason, hope you LOVE the albums as much as I do! Congratulations again!

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