Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reese's Second Portrait

At long last... it has been a while since I shot a portrait! Wow, marrying Nick and going on a 16-day honeymoon was the best thing that's happened to me in my life, but getting back to the little ones who make me smile everyday has been humbling. I must admit that it would be fantastic to be on perma-vacation, traveling to new and foreign lands, exploring nature and societies, and visiting my growing family, but being back and having this first portrait upon my return (and FIVE next week!), I am reminded that my responsibility is clear. Documenting families, little ones growing up and most important, the emotions that we all feel when surrounded by protecting and loving families is both meaningful for families and so satisfying for me. I am so lucky to have found my passion and especially people like you who appreciate what I do (and will pay for it!) I am so grateful to you for trusting me with the great responsibility of documenting your families.

This is Reese's second portrait for the Growing Baby Album Package and although I was hoping she'd remember me from months ago, when she woke from her nap to find me photographing her, she was quite puzzled. Her curiosity was adorable and the rest of the afternoon was active and fun. Reese is now standing and push-walking. You know, she can't quite walk on her own, so she needs some help, but she is on her way. My guess is that when I photograph her third portrait in a few months, she'll be rollerblading. Ha!

Enjoy the slideshow! Click the picture below.

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