Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Twins! - Amelia & Caroline

I had the great pleasure to meet 9 month olds Amelia & Caroline last week. We had a really busy morning together. Documenting their day started with bathtime (in the kitchen sink), then lunch, playtime in the family room and dozing off for naps in their sunny bedroom. Amelia & Caroline's big brother is obviously as in love with them as they are with him. I love the picture of both girls crowded on his lap.

It was so special to document their morning this way. Not only were they comfortable doing what they always do (not minding the extra observer in the room with the big camera), but I think their parents will love looking back on these images and remembering this busy and precious time as it really was. Documenting REAL unposed life is my passion!

Enjoy the slideshow! (Click the image to view.)

Look at those eyes as they watch Elmo sing... so expressive!

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  1. I think those are cutest babies I have ever seen.

    Their Father.