Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Traveling Wedding Album

I heard from Courtney and Michael after they received their wedding album a couple weeks ago. Their destination wedding in St. Augustine, Florida was so beautiful and fun. I am so flattered by Michael's comments about the album that I wanted to share his thoughts with you, my wonderful blog-readers.

Courtney let me (yes, I had to get permission to take it away from her!) take it to work, daycare, the bank, post office, Zaxby's, the UPS Store, Shane's Rib Shack, and a few other places where people know me on a first name basis yesterday...everyone LOVED it! I really am still in shock over how you were able to capture each and every feeling and moment that we had that day/night!
How cool is it that he took it everywhere. I bet the UPS Store employees were ready to pack it up and ship it for him when he walked in!

It seriously makes my day to hear such great feedback from clients after all the work and love I put into their photographs and their album. So thank you, Michael and Courtney, for the awesome feedback!

View their wedding album here.

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