Monday, January 28, 2008

Jayden's First Portrait

On Saturday, I met Jayden and his parents Kelli and Jason. It was a perfect occasion to photograph Jayden because his grandmothers, Nadine and Martha, were visiting from out of town. He is only 7 weeks old and so adorable. As our session wore on, Jayden got so sleepy, he managed to fall asleep while we continued to photograph him. His handmade crib (the handiwork of Jason) is a beautiful and cozy space for little Jayden.

It is always such a pleasure to photograph growing families and capture moments like doting grandmothers and kisses from everyone. I hope that I was able to capture the laughter, smiles and love that this family is radiating.

Thanks again Kelli and Jason! Here's your slideshow.


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    This is absolutely a wonderful gift to have of Jason and his family. How fantastic and wow what great medicine for me. Aunt Angela

  2. Thanks, Aunt Angela! Glad that you enjoyed looking at the slidehow! Stay tuned for the Preview Website... many more oohs and aaahs to come.

  3. These pictures capture the love and joy Kelli & Jason share together with their little blessing, Jayden. Viewing the slideshow brought tears to my eyes as you captured such tenderness and love. Friend Edie Massey