Monday, November 12, 2007

William's Second Portrait

William has grown a bunch since I last saw him, mom and dad over the summer. For his second portrait in the Growing Baby Portrait Package, I joined them at their house again. One of the things I love about photographing little ones is the range of facial expressions they have. They are completely uninhibited and fun. I was laughing so much at few points during the portrait that I had to stop shooting to regain composure. From stunned curiosity to pure happiness and laughter. I was fighting the beginning of a cold as well which created its own challenges. Sniffle, sniffle....

We then went outside onto their front porch and stairs. Love the pictures of William in the black wicker chair. Something about those images is so timeless. Then we headed to Lullwater Park for some fun outside pictures. The weather was great! Although the drought here is terrible (and a little scary that we may not have drinking water in 2 months), it is awesome for portraits! Never have to worry about rainy weather ruining a session! The glass half full, right?

Enjoy the slideshow!

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