Thursday, September 27, 2007

Britton, Mike and Addison

I photographed engagement portraits for Britton and Mike a few years ago so when they called me to photograph portraits of their 14 month old, I was so excited for the opportunity to document their growing family.

Poor Addison is teething so she broke down in tears periodically through our portrait, but holding dad's car keys made everything better. The funniest photo from the day is toward the end of the slideshow. Addison sits on the floor holding the keys and touches her hand to her face as if to say "Oh, there they are! I thought I lost them!" Precious!

View the slideshow below.

A DVD of this slideshow is available if you click the icon on the show.
Thanks, Britton, Mike and Addison!

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  1. Great another blog to stalk! Your work is great! I love your carefree style.

    So here you go, you are hereby tagged! POst up 8 random thigns about yourself that we may not know, then go find someone else and tag them!