Thursday, August 16, 2007

"You Should Be Dancing..."

Last weekend I second shot with Ben again. I enjoy the change of pace when I second shoot because I can get a little more creative since I don't have to concentrate so intently on getting the necessary images. That's Ben's job! It allows for a bit more freedom which in turn leads me to be more creative when I'm the primary photographer. Plus it's always great to work with another talented photographer and bounce ideas off one another.

We photographed Maria and Nick's wedding at Peachtree Presbyterian. If you've never been to PPC before you would be blown away by the size of this place. They literally have so much land (and they're building on more across the street) that you have to call it a "campus." They have their own gym, three chapels, a Sunday school and so much more.

So I spent some time with Maria and the girls while they were getting ready. I love this moment with her mom.

The glass doors to the Ladies Parlor were really great. So I thought I'd take advantage of the unique design and place Maria right in the middle. This image is so timeless to me.

This special moment of Maria and her dad walking up the isle is so graphic. Even all the prayer books are lined up. Maria's dad later got so emotional during the father-bride dance that he shed some tears. So sweet...

Just after the ceremony, Ben and I photographed Maria and Nick in front of the huge chapel windows. I love the softness and femininity of this image.

Nick's nephew was so adorable. All throughout the day, he was such a ham in front of the camera but I managed to snag this shot while he looked at a picture of his mom on their digital camera.

And this was CLASSIC. Nick must have been practicing since age 8 because when "You Should Be Dancing (Saturday Night Fever)" came on, he tore up the dance floor with every shake, thrust and boogie that John Travolta styled. He had everyone rolling on the floor in laughter, especially Maria.

The beautiful cake. Love flowers on a wedding cake. So rich in color and texture.

And this was PRICELESS... During the cake cutting, a crumb fell down Maria's dress. Take a look at Nick's quick response. He dove right in there! What a moment!
Thanks Ben!


  1. Shooting with Ben is great! We love it. He's so chill. Looks like you had a great time too!


  2. Thanks Katie. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I just love collaborating with other photographers. Definitely a win-win! See you soon.