Sunday, July 15, 2007

And the demo continues...

The kitchen has been coming along S-L-O-W-L-Y. We feared that we had asbestos in the walls which set us back quite a bit. We had to have it tested to be sure and then an estimate on the cost of removing it if the test came back positive. After finding out that to have a team come in and remove it would cost $2400, we were absolutely thrilled to learn that the test was negative. Talk about an added expense we didn't expect. You're seeing four levels of the wall in that picture. The first is the green, white and beige painted wall, then ugly paneling, then the yellow stuff (not quite sure what that is about), and the lathe board behind it. Our house is 60 years old and I guess that lathe is the way that walls were made back then. Must have taken so long to nail all those little boards to the studs. What's so weird is that previous owners kept adding to the walls instead of removing what was there and starting fresh. The same goes for the floor. Nick found 6 layers of floor below the tile including two different linoleum floors. Crazy!

Now I'm thinking of all the things I can do with the $2400 since it isn't going to the kitchen. New lenses, a trip to Hawaii.... Just kidding. It's not so much like found money, rather money we we didn't want to part with that we now don't have to.

I'll keep posting as changes are happening. It will be so great when we're in CONstruction instead of destruction. Those will be much more fun photos. :)

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