Saturday, June 23, 2007

Interstate Portrait

What an amazing week! Beach time, a wedding, family visits, The Police concert in Phoenix and a really fun portrait in Virginia. I'll have to write about the first four another time, but I just had to post about the Andrews-Biggs portrait outside Charlottesville, VA.

I photographed their one-year-old's portrait a few years ago when they were living in the Virginia-Highlands. Since then, they moved to a house in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. Picture a half mile dirt drive winding up to their dome house on a hill. I promised them years ago that the next time I drove through on my way to the northeast that I'd let them know so we could schedule a portrait. They now have twin girls who are so adorable. It was amazing to see their first daughter who has grown so much since I last saw her. I just love documenting all the changes (and similarities - her huge smile) of little humans growing from babyhood into little girls and boys. Their dome house was really cool too. I've never seen one from the inside and I was really excited to see how it worked. Their living room had lofted ceilings and they did have walls to separate rooms, but they told me that they save a lot on energy because the airflow is unimpeded. Pretty cool way to live "green." And you definitely will never beat that view. You can see it in black & white in the portraits towards the end of their session.

Here's their slideshow....

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