Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Police Heard my SOS!

DaveFM rocks! If you listen to 92.9 FM in Atlanta, you've been hearing about a huge giveaway they've been running. Everyday at 5pm they announce a winner of a Police prizepack. Each of those winners is eligible to win a grand prize drawing every Friday - two tickets to see The Police in any city in the States, plus airfare and hotel.

"I'll be just wrapped around your finger"

Last Tuesday, I was in my office struggling with a computer problem, when I got a call from Nick. "Are you listening to the radio?" I answered no, which is extremely unusual for me. I almost always have the radio on and since DaveFm came around a few years ago, it's just about all I listen to.

"Tea in the Sahara" with The Police!

"Why, what's up?"
"They just announced your name!"
Oh my gosh! I quickly hung up and called and found out it was true! I won a prize pack and the chance to see my favorite all-time band! How cool is that!?

"De do do do, De da da da"

So Friday comes around and they had told me that they'd call me to tell me about the win prior to announcing it on the radio so I kept my phone with me all day. No call.... :( Oh well, there's always next Friday's drawing.

"Walking in your footsteps"

So, yesterday, I'm sitting at my desk editing through some portraits from this weekend, and I get a call from Jay Schultz, Promotions Director at DaveFm. "How'd you like to go to Phoenix to see The Police?" he says in that all-too-familiar dj tone. He must be kidding, right? No! It's for real! I WON THE TRIP TO PHOENIX TO SEE THE POLICE!!!!!! HOLY ____!!!!! Turns out that the guy who won on Friday forfieted his win and they pulled my name next. Can you believe it! Me, The Police, Sting!!!!

It must be "Synchronicity"

So Nick and I will be packing our bags to see the best reunion tour ever. Their US dates are just about completely sold out and we get to go for free! I still can't believe my luck.

Maybe I should try the lottery this week.... :)


  1. That's awesome! Can't wait to see the photos :)

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    THAT IS "FAN"TASTIC!!!!!!!!

  3. Jenny3:39 PM

    oh my god, i am so envious!!!!!!!

    after their recent performance I was like I have to see them! that is so awesome. I NEVER win anything. good for you!