Monday, April 16, 2007

Sniffle, sniffle, cough, sneeze...

Back on the road to being healthy again. I've been sick for like... forever it seems. I got sick with a nasty cold about four weeks ago. It lasted a week and then I got better for two and then I got the same thing again. I am finally on anti-biotics as a last resort and am feeling a lot better. Nick is always pretty resilient to everything I catch, but this time he couldn't avoid it. During band practice last week, he actually lost his voice. (It's weird, but I always wanted to lose my voice when I was young. I thought it was so cool, but now, not so much.) He had a gig on Saturday so not having his voice was not an option. We took a fun trip to the doctor on Friday and he fixed us both up. While the doc talked to Nick about his music and his CD, he mentioned that Usher is a patient there. Pretty cool.

It's been an exciting week aside from all the coughs and sniffles. We finalized our plans to renovate our kitchen. It's going to be beautiful. Dark wood cabinets, stainless door handles, quartz countertops.... I have to admit though, that I am really nervous about the actual construction. I remember when my parents' kitchen was renovated back in the late 80's I think. It seemed like it took forever and cooking everything in the microwave got old really quick. Since I do a lot of cooking, working from home and all, I am not looking forward to cooking on whatever appliances we can plug into the dining room. I know it will be worth it so I am just hoping that my patience lasts longer than I anticipate, or even better, that the kitchen is completed super-fast! I'll be sure to post some before, during and after pictures.

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